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AZ Valley Rock & Roll
Estd. November 2012
Chris Trevigne
Christian Poor
Tempe, AZ
Bandcamp (free music)


Pennies // by: Chris Trevigne

Just like to throw this out there we’ve been practicing a lot and we’re so so so anxious and ready and excited to start playing shows again & for everyone to hear these new songs


Listen/purchase: Viddy Well, Brother by Clementine

well you seem quite dishonest 

These guys are my best friends

These guys are my best friends

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i wanna see thissss, mostly bc of hannah murray

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Honestly, Anxiety | Kites

I hope you catch the feels and fall apart.

Kites, inciting memes and “the sads” since the beginning

Yo this song is sick! A bit of a MeW/OYou feel but w/ an Australian accent

To clarify I don’t hate songs of innocence 😘

Anonymous murmured: You know people most likely don't go to the u2 tag to read hate so maybe you could tag your stupid opinions under "u2 hate" instead? People who go to the u2 tag are probably u2 fans. Thank you.


I wanna be like yes that sounds fair enough but then again most people don’t listen to their music and expect their phones to download things they don’t want without their consent (my auto download is not on)

To play devil’s advocate for a second, I’ve been having a really good time reading all the hate about U2’s evil diabolical plan to terrorize us with their mandatory “free” album ; i.e. Tyler The Creator’s hilarious stream of consciousness tweets about the matter (read: “FUCK BONO”) and just about every other non fan’s public display of annoyance of the Irish invasion of privacy. Sooo, yes some of us do go to the U2 hash tag to find entertaining hate trolls.




when I’m old, kids will think I’m so ancient because it’s like ‘Holy shit you were born in the nineteen hundreds’

We’ll be the last humans to be born in a year beginning with “1”


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